Top 12 Business Setup Consultants in UAE

The UAE is emerging as one of the most attractive and competent places for establishing modern businesses. It is due to the current shift from the traditional oil and other businesses and a move forward to advanced technology business. In addition, many overseas investors from these countries are establishing a business in the main cities of the UAE. For all these business people, the top business setup consultants in UAE are the best option for all types of necessary support and assistance like licensing, documentation, registration, getting resources, setting up the office in the mainland or free zone, and many other such fields.

This recent change in trade and business has led to the setup of a number of companies providing business setup services in Dubai or UAE. There is a multitude of people who provide wonderful services, support, products, and consulting services to assist new entrepreneurs or investors to start their businesses with as little trouble as possible. In addition, companies providing business setup services well known for the current policies, rules, and regulations governing trading fields in the UAE. The business setup consultants also understand the customer market and the methods to target them appropriately. They can also assist new business people to grab the markets and strengthen their roots.

Top Business Setup Consultants in UAE

Top business setup consultants in UAE provide management consulting to assist organizations to improve their efficiency and performance. These experts analyze businesses and create solutions to help companies meet their goals. Business owners should consider hiring business setup consultants when they need assistance or perspective on their chosen track or need a catalyst for change in their companies.

Well, having developed an idea regarding the services and efficacy of the business setup consultants, let’s move on. We have compiled a list of the top 12 business setup consultants in UAE who have assisted thousands of clients; have garnered impressive reviews and provide attractive services portfolios. All the names of business setup consultants mentioned below provide quality services and are some of the most trusted names in the business setup consulting field. Hence, read the list and choose the one that suits you best to get the best consultation to start your business in the UAE.

1. Start Any Business Consultants

Start Any Business is one of the leading business setup consultants in Dubai or UAE. They were established in 2019, and have rapidly earned a stellar reputation in the UAE market. Their team of experts provides advisory and consultancy roles for business people who try to establish their business in the United Arab Emirates. They assist identify the factors that are likely to act well and locations in your plan that require improvement depending on the competitors and conditions of the market.

Their best services in Dubai comprise a trade license, classifying the business activities, assistance with jurisdiction, protection of investors and partners, renting office space, PRO services, translation of documentation, and other legal and operational elements.

Some of the most notable services provided by the Start Any Business consultants:

  • Business & Company formation in Dubai
  • Business license in Dubai
  • Business activities
  • VAT and accounting services in Dubai
  • Sponsorship and Investor’s right
  • Company registration in Dubai
  • Business consultancy services in Dubai
  • Corporate bank account opening in Dubai
  • PRO services

2. JUMEIRA Consultants

Jumeira Consultants is a business consulting firm that offers top management consulting services to different aspects of government, non-government, academic, and private sectors. This company began as a small firm in the UAE has come a long way in the past few decades. Jumeira Consultants provides business setup consultation in the UAE and the GCC countries. The business establishment services are provided in the free zone, offshore, and mainland sectors.

3. The Clever Corp Consultants

The Clever Corp established in 2000, is a professional business advisory firm offering world-class services by assisting locals and expatriates to establish their companies in Dubai with different jurisdictions. They provide tailored solutions for companies of various sizes to get begun with a seamless approach in no time.

4. NEX Consultants

NEX consultants established in 2016, is a multi-disciplinary firm composed of experienced and dynamic experts offering market entry strategy, company incorporation, consultancy, and accounting outsourcing services in the UAE. Their services spectrum covers all factors of carrying business in the UAE.

5. OBKBC Consultants

OBKBC consultants established in 2015, is one of the most reputed business setup consultants in Dubai or UAE. They provide services for aspiring entrepreneurs who looking for a simplified and productive working environment. They permit their clients to focus on the business and leave the rest to their reliable professionals.

6. Decisive Zone Consultants

Decisive Zone consultants are the leading business setup consultant in Dubai and UAE. The decisive zone has over 50 years of combined experience in business setup in Dubai and throughout the UAE. Their dedicated team provides their clients with individual attention to their clients and ensures that their clients receive the most trouble-free experience in the business establishment procedure in Dubai and the rest of the emirates in the UAE.

7. Savvy Setup Consultants

Savvy Setup consultants are a vertically thriving company manufacturing specialist in Dubai, aiming to offer high quality and orderly services to their clients in the UAE. The assurance of proper integrity and transparency throughout the entire course of processing is aligned with the company’s mission. They provide affordable packages and complete advisory services to their clients.

8. Bizvise Consultants

Bizvise consultants established in 2019, is a business setup consulting firm in Dubai, UAE with years of experience in delivering consulting services to small and medium enterprises and startups. Bizvise offers the utmost support and assistance to all those entrepreneurs that are making a plan to begin their business in Dubai.

9. Flying Colors Consultants

Flying Colors consultant has a wealth of experience working since 2004 when it comes to establishing companies in Dubai. Like other consultants, they provide packages to set up in the free zone, offshore, and mainland companies. Flying colors also provide easy services for VAT, payroll management, and business accounting, all of which are essential to assist business conduct smoothly.

10. KGRN Audit Consultants

KGRN Audit established in 2003, is truly a service accounting and business development company that turns for all kinds of businesses with unmatched variety and quality of services. KGRN is happy to be one of the most respected audit firms in Dubai. KGRN audit has over a decade of experience with satisfying clients.

11. MSZ Consultants

MSZ consultancy established in 2017, is built on delivering reliable business advisory services to corporate organizations as well as individuals, to establish their business in Dubai or UAE. They are a corporate services provider based in Dubai, the hub of the global market in products and services.

12. Choice Peers Consultants

Choice Peers consultants founded in 2018, is an international accounting and auditing firm in the UAE committed to delivering the highest quality professional services to their clients. This firm is registered in Dubai by Economic Development which permits the firm to practice and offer professional services in the UAE.

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