Top 9 Best SEO Tools in 2024 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) is the best Digital Marketing Service out there. SEO is the main key or technique to rank any business or website on any search engine. There are a number of businesses online and it has become really tough to cope with the competitors and place ourselves on the top among them. This can only be done when the SEO is done perfectly. The businesses that are aware of new techniques and technologies so that they don’t lag behind are the ones that are always number one. Over the period of time, Google and other search engines have changed their ranking algorithms so it has become crucial to keep in mind the best SEO tools.

There are a number of SEO tools that makes our lives easier and faster to cope with the market trends and people’s needs.

What are SEO tools?

The SEO tools are the guiding light for any business if used appropriately with efficient management. The functionalities range from on-page SEO to creating backlinks and technical SEO, We have the best SEO tools available on the internet through which we can rank by implementing them in our work. SEO Tools identify the technical issues beforehand so that Google crawler does not create an error while ranking our page. These SEO tools recognize the niche of the business and prioritize our chance of topping the charts on SERP.

The comparison with keywords, websites, or competitors has become easy over the period of time through these SEO tools. There are many best SEO software which make our work easy on the go. Some of the best SEO Tools in 2024 are trending already. Each tool has its own features and advantages

List of the Best SEO Tools In 2024  

1. Semrush 


Semrush is the best SEO tool for keyword-related queries. This SEO tool diagnoses the rank-tracking,  has modular dashboards, and free easy-to-use features. Some of the main features of Semrush involves : 

  • Keyword Gap
  • Position tracking with competitors 
  • Backlink gaps


  • Keyword research 
  • Keyword analysis and usability
  • Generating LSI keywords
  • The volume of the keyword. 


  • It is a bit expensive but it has a free version too. 

2. Answer The Public

Answer The Public

Answer the Public is an SEO tool of 2024 that is related to customer satisfaction and helps to clear their doubts it basically deals with the questions related to the audience’s mind on a specific product or service.  It not only deals with what people search for but also with what they might ask for in the near future.


  • Generates mostly asked questions on Google
  • Can use it for free 
  • Provides bulk questions to the related topic by crawling Google


  • The paid version is a bit expensive

3. Ahrefs


The best SEO software for competitor analysis and monitoring and the go-to tool for detailed keyword research. Good strategies can be built on the basis of reports given by this tool.


  • Detailed analysis of keyword 
  • Cheaper subscription than Semrush 
  • Competitor analysis 


  • Only limited to analysis 
  • Monitors analysis only

4. To The Web

To The Web

Best SEO tool for pixel count data, length of the data on the basis of SERP preview. It masters the Meta description so that appropriate words are placed with a good amount of length. It deals with after efficiency and effectiveness of a web page. 


  • Diagnose the Website URL with appropriate stuffing 
  • Free to use
  • Provides the best length for meta-description with appropriate words. 


  • Works only until URL, and title is concerned 
  • Does not work for other contents 

5. UberSuggest


One of the best SEO tools for keyword research and keyword optimization and is also easy to use. The performance of  tool is quite solid and the user -interface is appealing and easy to understand by anyone.  This platform is considered to be the best SEO software in 2024. 


  • Helps in generating keywords with various filters 
  • Easy-to-use interface 
  • Cheaper than semrush 
  • The timely volume of keyword, their usage, the frequency of keywords


  • Only limited till the keyword 

6. Google Trendz 

Google Trendz 

Google has its own SEO tool called Google Trendz helps to identify the graph of keywords all over the globe. It also deals with the historical trends over a long duration of time for better comparison. Therefore, it’s the best tool to gain maximum traffic on your page.


  • Can easily Check the graph of the keyword 
  • Can compare more than 2 keywords at the same time 
  • Tells the volume of the keyword in the past hour, month, or year


  • Only limited till the keyword 


This SEO tool provides structured data that helps search engines understand the content and context of your page.


  • Enhance the appearance of your page 
  • Help to rank on SERP
  • Increases CTR 

8. Seobility


This SEO tool recognizes the issues related to website content and gives us the scope of improvement. 


  • Check the slow-loading pages 
  • Recognize blocked pages 
  • Sitemap issues
  • Technical SEO issues 
  • Its best feature is its content report 


  • Does not have extra features related to any content/blog/keyword etc 


To check the most popular sites in your industry, is the AI tool for the best SEO. You can research on what’s keeping them on the top and work accordingly. 


  • Competition analysis 
  • It shows the mentions of your competitors 

The most effective part is the tools are not only generated for businesses or companies but for individuals too. Some SEO tools are expensive and some are cheap but each one of them either is free or have paid versions too for better experiences.

 Picking up the best SEO tool as per your needs is the main aspect of the best SEO in 2024. Each tool has its own specifications and disadvantages too.  Three of my favorite and best software SEO tools would be To The Web, Ubersuggest, and Answerthepublic. To get rank on any search engine be it Google, Bing, etc, these tools are always there to provide amazing results.

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