Top 10 Boarding Schools in Dehradun

Dehradun, which is known for its picturesque views, not only attracts tourists. It is also known for many boarding schools. There are many best boarding schools in Dehradun; therefore, the city is known as the ‘school capital of India.’ Along with having the best quality educational institutes, the pleasant climate and the beautiful location have made Education in Dehradun pretty beautiful.

Dehradun and education are quite similar, possessing a rich history in honing the brightest schools. Throughout the last decade, Dehradun has extremely evolved as a hub of boarding schools or residential schools in north India. Students who study in boarding schools live and experience many activities, even though they are far from home. Dehradun’s boarding schools have created programs that encourage learning in this unique area. Top boarding schools provide a great social environment and encourage students to develop cognitive skills like memory, thinking, attention, and concentration.

List of Top 10 Boarding Schools In Dehradun

1. The Asian School

The Asian School is a top school in Dehradun that offers co-educational education starting Nursery to XII. The Asian Educational Charitable Society opened this renowned boarding school in Dehradun in 2000. Among the several best boarding schools in Dehradun, the Asian School is ranked as the top boarding school. The school is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education.

The school is situated on a 16-acre campus called ‘Asian acres’. It has a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. The Asian School boasts well-maintained, ventilated classrooms and a library that contains interesting books. It also has well-equipped laboratories for biology, physics, and chemistry. Nearly hundreds of educators make up the Asian School’s faculty. The teachers have all been selected for their expertise and subject knowledge.

2. Hopetown Girl’s School

Hopetown Girl’s School, one of the top girls boarding schools in Dehradun. This girl’s boarding school was established in 1999. Hopetown Girl’s School was established to provide quality education for girls. This boarding school imparts social, cultural, and moral values to its students. Hopetown Girl’s School follows the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, (CISCE), and Indian School Certificate (ISC). Hopetown’s girl’s school has a beautiful and charming infrastructure. The campus of this best girl’s boarding school is excellent, which is spread over 50 acres with a lush, pleasant environment.

3. SelaQui International School

SelaQui International School, a coeducational boarding school located in Dehradun. The best boarding school in Dehradun was founded in 2000. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), SelaQui International School, offers world-class education and sports excellence. This boarding school’s curriculum is based on 6 C’s: Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Character, Citizenship, and Critical Thinking. SelaQui International school’s campus is beautiful. It is spread over 52 acres of land with a delightful, blooming environment. SelaQui International school believes competitive sports and physical education are essential parts of daily life.

4. Unison World School

Unison World School, a prestigious girls’ boarding school in Dehradun. The best girls’ boarding school in Dehradun was founded in 2007. Unison World School adheres to the Cambridge Assessment International Education and Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations. The School provides a world-class education for girls in grades 5-12 with the best academic, co-curricular, and living facilities. Unison World School is committed to providing high-quality education in a welcoming, supportive, and inspiring environment where girls can grow and develop their skills.
The School is located in the beautiful countryside just seven kilometers from Dehradun. Unison School students enjoy a peaceful, happy, purposeful, and tranquil ambiance thanks to its beautiful location.

5. Vantage Hall Girls Residential School

Vantage Hall Girls Residential school is one of Dehradun’s most prestigious boarding schools for girls. This girls’ boarding school was founded in 1954. Vantage Hall Girls Residential School is a Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and provides a world-class education for students. Vantage Hall Girls Residential school has one of the most beautiful campuses in Dehradun. This boarding school is nestled in the Himalayas, surrounded by lush greenery. Vantage Hall Girls Residential School believes that academics are equally important. They believe that sports help students become the best team players, develop self-discipline and leadership skills, and increase their confidence.

6. Welham Girl’s School

Welham Girl’s School, one of Dehradun’s oldest and most renowned boarding schools for girls, is located in the heart of Dehradun. This girl’s boarding school was founded in 1957. The Welham School began with ten girls in 1957and now the current strength of the girls is around 600. Welham Girl’s School follows the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations. The school offers world-class education for girls and runs classes from VI through XII. Welham Girl’s School is charming with its beautiful infrastructure and pleasant ambiance. Beautiful architecture can be seen at the Welham Girl’s School. The Welham Girl’s School features spacious, ventilated classrooms, well-equipped laboratories for biology, chemistry, and physics as well as a library filled with interesting books.

7. Shigally Hill International Academy Dehradun

Shigally Hill International Academy, a prestigious girl’s boarding school in Dehradun is home to Shigally Hill International Academy. This girl’s boarding school was founded in 2003. Shigally Hill International Academy is a Council for Indian Certificate Examination (CISCE). It offers a world-class education. The medium of instruction at Shigally Hill International Academy is English and runs classes from IV to XII. This boarding school provides a challenging and rejuvenating program that fosters critical thinking and leads you to leadership.

The campus of Shigally Hill International Academy is far away from the bustling city. This school provides a safe and secure environment for girls to grow and develop in.

8. The Aryan School Dehradun

The Aryan School, a co-educational boarding school in Dehradun, is one of India’s most prestigious boarding schools. The Aryan School was established in 2001. The Aryan School is accredited by the Council of Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE). It offers the highest quality education. The boarding school offers classes for students from 3rd to 12th grade. The boarding school provides a safe environment where education can be integrated into every aspect of your child’s life. It prepares students to be independent and ready for any challenges that may come their way.

9. Indian Public School Dehradun

One of the most prestigious boarding schools in Dehradun is the Indian Public School. This co-educational boarding school was founded in 2001. The Indian Public School is a co-educational boarding school that follows the Central Board of Secondary Education. It runs classes I to XII. Indian Public School is about sharing the best nature and learning together. Indian Public School allows students to discover their potential through a wide range of opportunities and activities. The Indian School believes that academics are just as important as physical education and competitive sports. This boarding school focuses on improving physical fitness as well as skills in many sports.

10. Mussoorie International School

Mussoorie International School is one of Dehradun’s best girls boarding schools. This girl’s boarding school was founded in 1984. Mussoorie International School is a top-ranked school in academics for the past 35 years. Students from grades 1-12 receive a world-class education at this school. Mussoorie International School has the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, (CISCE), and Cambridge International Education (CIE). Mussoorie International School believes that academics and sports are equally important for students’ lives. This boarding school offers the best sports facilities for girls.

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