Top 10 Best Free SEO Tools

In this fast-running technology-driven world, it has become important to keep yourself ahead of your competitors. It is important to manage time and be in the first place. It is amazing to see how online free tools are helping individuals and companies to be ahead in all kinds of digital marketing techniques. These tools prevent the usage of extra time and make the work easy for us. These tools provide all kinds of help from keyword research to grammar mistakes to engagement preferences, everything in just a go. 

There are some tools that offer amazing services totally free of cost. These tools provide valuable content and do not charge any money. 

In this blog, you will get to learn about the top 10 free SEO tools that can make your work easy and fast in this competitive world of technology.

List of Top 10 Best Free SEO Tools

1. Google Trends

Google Trends

As the name suggests, the tool Google Trends is used to check the popularity of any keyword. It is a completely free tool. It helps you craft your content as per the market searches and makes it more relevant according to the trends. You can start by typing a keyword and will show you the related results as per the conditions and interest of the market. 

    Google Trends also shows the comparison of the keywords through graphs over a period of time. You can compare two keywords and their rankings over the months or years. It is the best tool for handy keyword suggestions. 

    2. Answer The Public 

    Answer The Public 

    This tool is different from other SEO tools. It is related to questions that are being asked by the public on a daily basis. If you enter a question, Answer the public will ask you related questions to that particular industry that people ask. It also generates long-tail keywords. This tool offers you three free searches in a day and then you need to sign up. 

      3. Semrush 


      Semrush provides help with keyword research, content optimizations, and much more. It has its free version to offer. By making up a free account you can get to use these features. It helps to create backlinks, SEO audits, etc. It aims to provide you with more visibility among the competition online. 

        It generates a content brief for your target keyword and recommends you optimize existing content. Although users get benefits from the paid account the most there is still a lot of functionality to explore in the free version too. 

        4.Ahrefs’ Keyword Generator

        Ahrefs’ Keyword Generator

        It is a tool that will show you the top 100 similar keywords when you enter a phrase or keyword. You can also analyze the search volume and keyword difficulties for the first 10 keywords on the chart. It is very important for individuals who need to explore industry keywords. You can also see 50 questions related to that particular keyword. It has an easy-to-use interface and generates keywords as per your content needs and market competition. 

          This tool is the mini version of the complete Ahrefs tool and provides a glimpse of it. 

          5. Yoast SEO Plugin 

          Yoast SEO Plugin

          With Yoast SEO Plugin, you can make perfections in your WordPress site and edit your content accordingly. Titles, meta-descriptions, URLs and more can be written with the help of this tool. It assigns a readability score to each post by analyzing the paragraph content and other areas. This tool overall deals with readability, SEO, and social dynamics of your work.

            6. Google Analytics 

            google analytics

            This is one of the free SEO tools that let you know if you are getting organic traffic on your site or not. It is the most useful tool available. It tells you which page is receiving the traffic and which is not. However, there is one limitation of this tool. It does not tell you from which keyword the traffic is coming, so you can use other tools like Keyword Hero in collaboration to get deep insights.

              7. Google Search Console 

              Google Search Console 

              This Google tool helps you to fix issues related to your website. You can also have deep insights into the SEO data clicks like clicks, impressions, sitemaps, and more. It provides you with information about the search engine and your website. You can easily identify your CTR(Click through rates)

                The other search engines have their own search console too such as Bing and Yandex. 

                8. Rank Math Plugin 

                Rank Math Plugin

                You can simply install or download this plugin to your WordPress website and start making the best use of it. This plugin helps you to add apt meta titles, descriptions, and more. It gives every page an SEO score. It suggests the way to rank any content on your site. 

                  9. Ubersuggest 


                  Ubersuggest has its premium version with a lot of benefits but it has its free version too which works best as the premium version. You can get keyword suggestions and analyze the competitor’s data through this tool. You just need to put the details of the competition site and it will provide you with the most apt suggestions for your page rank. It also provides details regarding keyword difficulty, volume, and monthly searches of that keyword 

                    It is an appropriate choice for a keyword-based SEO tool.

                    10. CanIRank 


                    CanIRank does not provide generic information regarding the keyword. It does not simply answer the normal questions such as whether the keyword is competitive or not. It makes sure the target keyword is chosen. It helps to rank the specific term also 

                      SEO tools are one of the best blessings in today’s world. It works best when it is used with other marketing strategies such as social media marketing and more.SEO tools have become an important part of the whole content process, it has made the work faster, easier, and more competitive. Above discussed are some of the best free SEO tools that you can use while generating content. 

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