Why Google Stops Some Google Business Pages and How to Keep Them

Just as having a physical shop enhances your business’s visibility and credibility, establishing an online presence is equally essential in today’s digital age. To do this, a Google business profile is an effective tool. It increases your visibility and fosters confidence with prospective clients. By enabling you to receive feedback, it facilitates continuous improvement, while providing valuable insights and analytics for measuring progress. In essence, a Google business profile empowers you to enhance visibility and drive growth effectively. To leverage its full potential and reach your target audience more professionally, consider reaching out to Matebiz, your trusted Local SEO Company.

Why Does Google Stop Business Pages?

Below are some factors that may lead to the suspension of your Google business profile. By being mindful of these reasons, you can ensure that your profile remains compliant and active –

1. Violations of Guidelines

Failure to comply with Google’s guidelines can result in the suspension of your account. These guidelines encompass various policies aimed at maintaining the integrity and quality of information on Google’s platforms. Violations may include providing inaccurate or low-quality information, employing unethical or black hat SEO practices, or engaging in spamming activities. Such practices undermine credibility and accuracy, which Google is committed to upholding. 

As a result, your profile may be suspended to prevent further damage. Partnering with a reputable Local SEO Company ensures adherence to guidelines and safeguards against suspension, allowing you to focus on your business with peace of mind.

2. Quality Problems 

If your Google business profile contains low-quality or inaccurate information, it can disrupt the user experience and compromise the reliability of Google’s search results. Google takes the quality of information seriously and may suspend accounts that fail to meet its standards. By providing misleading or inaccurate information, you risk leading users astray and burying accurate results under a sea of misinformation. 

With the assistance of our services, you can ensure that your business profile maintains high-quality, accurate information, thereby avoiding these issues. Contact your trusted Local SEO Company for reliable results and peace of mind.

3. Suspicious Activity 

Google maintains stringent security protocols to safeguard its integrity and ensure the reliability of its services. Suspicious activities, such as creating multiple listings for the same business or engaging in abnormal review patterns, are closely monitored and may result in account suspension. 

As a trusted source of information, Google is committed to upholding its reputation and providing accurate results to users. To avoid the risk of account suspension and achieve high rankings, consider leveraging our Local SEO Services For Small Businesses. With our specialization, you can improve your online presence while maintaining compliance with Google’s guidelines.

4. Ownership Verification Failure

Failure to verify ownership of your business on Google can result in account suspension. Google’s verification process ensures that only authorized individuals have control over business profiles, maintaining the integrity of its platform. Inaccurate or fraudulent ownership claims lead to suspicious activities that Google actively monitors. Such actions compromise the reliability of Google’s services and may result in account suspension. 

By leveraging our top-notch Local SEO Services For Small Businesses, you can avoid this risk and ensure compliance with Google’s verification requirements. You may follow Google’s standards and create a reliable web presence with our help.

How to Retain Your Google Business Profile

Below are several steps you can implement to ensure the retention and visibility of your profile on Google search pages.

1. Understand Google’s Guidelines

Learn about Google’s policies regarding company profiles and make sure that all requirements are strictly followed. Avoid engaging in practices that could lead to the suspension of your profile, such as keyword stuffing, utilizing fake reviews, or misrepresenting business information. Such black hat practices can result in Google flagging your profile as fraudulent, undermining its reliability and trustworthiness. 

At Web Glaze Services, we specialize in maintaining profiles that comply with every guideline, making us the premier Local SEO Company for ensuring the longevity and visibility of your profile on Google search pages.

2. Provide Precise Information 

Make sure that all of the information on your Google business profile is true and pertinent. Inaccurate or irrelevant details may prompt Google’s security protocols to scrutinize and potentially suspend your account. 

Therefore, meticulously maintain every aspect of your profile, including your phone number, address, business hours, and business name, to ensure they remain current and correct at all times. Stay vigilant for any updates or changes in guidelines and promptly adjust your profile accordingly to maintain compliance and avoid any inadvertent inaccuracies.

3. Supervise and Handle Reviews 

Keep an eye on and respond to client evaluations on your Google company profile on a regular basis, responding to both good and bad comments. Quickly answering reviews—especially unfavorable ones—shows that you’re dedicated to resolving client issues and enhancing their experience. 

Effective customer service can help mitigate negative comments and showcase your dedication to enhancing performance. With our Local SEO Services For Small Businesses, you can efficiently address customer concerns and navigate any challenges that may arise while managing reviews.

4. Verify Ownership 

To uphold its credibility and reliability, Google closely monitors for any suspicious activity that could compromise its integrity. As part of this effort, Google requires businesses to verify their profiles to ensure they meet its standards of reliability. 

Adhere to Google’s guidelines and complete the verification process, including providing any additional documents as requested. Our Small Business Local SEO Services are intended to help you at every step of the way. Just get in touch with us, and we’ll make sure that verifying your profile is easy and painless.

5. Maintain Quality Content 

Maintain the quality of content on your business page, encompassing photos, descriptions, and posts that are high-quality, relevant, and informative. Google prioritizes relevant information as it aligns with user expectations and enhances credibility. Conversely, providing low-quality content can detrimentally impact your credibility and, consequently, Googles reputation. 

Need assistance in sourcing high-quality original content? Our expert team at the top Local SEO Company is here to help. With our services, you can safeguard the integrity of your profile and elevate your online presence effectively.


One of the most important tools for growing your company online is Google’s business page. However, to uphold its credibility, Google actively monitors for suspicious activity and may suspend accounts engaged in fraudulent practices. Yet, there’s no need for concern, as Web Glaze Services not only guides you on retaining your account but also provides comprehensive assistance at every step to ensure the security of your profile.

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